Friday, 22 November 2013

The Goblin asset has been knocked down to 5,000 tris, and now spawns as the enemy prefab, just as a test.

By no means is this his final appearance--he will be edited to look more like his concept art appearance as time goes on.

Aside from that, the code is coming along nicely. With the assistance of Ryan Miller, I now have a dynamic combat system of variables that alternate values depending on who's 'turn' it is. It differentiates between the active attacker and defender on the fly, and actively makes the characters rotate to face the current attacker or, if they're the active attacker, face whoever they're attacking.

The actual skeleton of the combat system is in place. I have the engine successfully generating stats for all combatants, and a test algorithm dealing damage based on that to the player.

Currently it takes a base damage value of ten, adds the attackers ATK value, and then detracts the defender's DEF value. The result is then removed from their HP!

The next steps involve developing a base class for all weapons to inherit from, similar to what I did with the characters and a Character class.

Look forward to more updates!

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