Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Inaugural Post!

Hi all!

This will serve as my dumping ground for news and updates involving major projects. Right now, I'm working on 'Soul Balance.' Soul Balance is a turn-based RPG using the Unity game engine. This is my Capstone project for my graduating year in Durham College's Game Development program. Here's the Overview as written in the concept document:

"Soul Balance is a turn-based Role Playing Game featuring a focus on storytelling and character building. Soul Balance is about a world where fantasy meets science; where magic meets technology. The game follows the main character, Emily, as she is suddenly cast into a world of danger and confusion as she fights to regain her rightful place on the throne.

The player will fight against enemies as a party of four, as the main character Emily befriends allies. Each character will specialize in one of the four types of combat: Melee, Firearms, Magika, and Soul Tapping. Each combat type offers a unique set of options for customization and skill development.

Players will start off in the starting village of Old Oak, a coastal village bordering a large body of water. As the player completes Main Quests, he/she will unlock new cities for exploration, which will in turn unlock new Main and Side Quests. Main Quests, as well as different Side Quests offered by a specific character, will be given in a linear order, but other than that the player is free to choose which quests he/she wants to tackle and when. Main Quests will advance the storyline further and unlock new areas, whereas Side Quests will award the player with currency and/or unique items and weapons. Both types of quests will award experience to the player’s characters."

As it stands now, I'm in the 'Prototyping' phase; which involves prototyping different mechanics to ensure they work, and get the core game engine up and running. I'll post more involving that as time progresses.

In the mean time, here's all the concept art generated for the game so far:


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